Prof. Dr. Shariat has been researching and publishing his findings in the field of urological oncology since 1997, especially on the forms and effects of bladder cancer and prostate cancer. In 2016 he broke the Google h-index of 100 and published more than 900 peer-reviewed original articles. Prof. Shariat holds 4 patents on bladder and prostate cancer, has written 14 book chapters and is consulted as an expert by 25 scientific societies. He is also on the editorial board of 26 scientific journals around the world. He is the recipient of more than 80 national and international science awards, including the highest awards of the European (EAU, Matula Award 2014) and American (AUA, Gold Cystoscope 2017) Urological Association.
Prof. Dr. Shariat heads the University Clinic for Urology at the Vienna General Hospital. Since 2013, he has been treating and operating on patients with special problems and also severe, complex diseases. Shariat receives twice a week in his private surgery. At the Clinic for Urology, people with prostate cancerbladder cancerkidney cancertesticular and penile cancer, with kidney and ureteral stones, benign prostate enlargement, urinary incontinence, bladder dysfunction and andrological problems are treated according to the latest knowledge and guidelines.

Shahrokh Shariat writes up to five times a year texts on the subject of health care, from the perspective of a medical doctor and clinic director, which are intended to inspire reflection. Here you will find a selection of texts.

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